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Convert Document to PDF in SharePoint using K2


  • SharePoint 2010 Server
    Standard or Enterprise (confirmed, see below)
  • Word Services to be installed, configured and started
  • K2 HostServer
  • K2 for SharePoint

Further Information Regarding this Process

Document Conversion Services uses Word Automation Services which is part of the standard and enterprise CALs of SharePoint Server. The feature is not available in SharePoint foundation – hence it will not work and fails.

K2D4SP simple provides the user interface to use the Word Automation Services API. The document conversion is kicked off asynchronously using SharePoint API.

In a distributed environment, K2 uses the above method. It just calls into API and the document will be converted by SharePoint timer job.

K2 smartforms vs. Microsoft InfoPath

There has been lots of talk recently regarding the future of InfoPath and the gist of it is that SharePoint 2013 workflow will not work with InfoPath for interacting with the workflow events, it seems SharePoint 2013 will now deploy standard aspx pages which can be used to interact with the 2013 workflows.

This provide somewhat of a problem as InfoPath can be used rather heavily by some companies (including mine) and this means a difficult upgrade path.

K2 smartforms appears to be a direct solution to this, however it is still in its early versions and has some way to go to provide a rich design and client interface.