Woocommerce Gift Certificates

I’ve posted in the past about looking to create my own version of Gift Certificates for the WordPress WooCommerce plugin, the reason for this was because there was no current plugin that provided this functionality.

During the past few months however there have been two versions come out and with this I have decided to stop my own development, for the cost of $45 you can get the plugin, which in my eyes is certainly worth me not doing the work myself

If you want to find out more check out WooCommerce Gift Certificates Pro over at IgniteWoo.

Hope you find this useful.

Windows 8 and RDP with Windows Server 2012

So today I found a nice “feature” of the new Metro Windows 8 interface. Now that the start button can be exposed by moving your mouse to the bottom left of the screen this does not work well when you have RDP in full screen mode.

I have just connected to Windows Server 2012 using my Windows Surface RT Tablet in full screen and wanted to load up the start menu of the RDP session, moving my mouse to the bottom left corner of the screen will infact bring up the start button on the Windows Surface RT OS and not the RDP session.

A workaround for this is to use the start button on the key board, but the fact remains this adds additional confusion. At least the start buttons are somewhat colour coded to help you distinguish which version they relate to!

K2 4.6.4 Released

K2 blackpearl 4.6.4 has just been released which includes the following new features and enhancements:

  • SharePoint Copy and Move
    When moving, copying or updating a document or list item in SharePoint it is now possible to preserve the existing SharePoint document or List Item’s MetaData and version history when using the SharePoint Document Wizard or the SharePoint List Item Wizard. To make use of this new functionality on existing workflows, update the  design templates, open the wizard and make the necessary configuration and redeploy the process.
  • IPC UI and threading
    The IPC Event has been improved by simplifying the mapping of Process  data and XML fields between the child and parent process using a new  grid control.  Asynchronous  IPCs will now follow the same steps as a Synchronous IPC except it will stay Asynchronous. This will prevent duplicate child instances and IPCs will no longer get stuck.

For full details visit the K2 blackpearl website.

K2 Task List – iOS App

So our company have finally pushed out a policy to allow our iOS devices to connect to our corporate wifi, apart from the obvious benefits in intranet web access I am very excited about coupling K2 smartforms and the K2 mobile task list to allow users to approve items on the go, this will become even more exciting when the infrastructure guys enable 3G connectivity.

In the next few days/weeks I will try and post a few tips and tricks to mobile enable a few K2 smartforms.