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Movember 2013

Last year saw a huge uptake in Movember in our office so this year I thought about taking park. Now I’m probably not the best person to grow a moustache as my facial hair is a little patchy at the best of time, however I thought why not, if enough people take part there could has to be some good come of it!

So here I am, day four and after a slight trim of my cheeks yesterday it’s not looking to bad. I still need to shave everything other than my top lip but didn’t want to do that until there was at least a semi thick coating otherwise it will be like reliving the years of teenage bum fluff.

If I can I will get a picture uploaded to twitter for all to see!

A new year, a new blog

With everything changing in my life recently since finishing university nearly 3 years ago I have completely removed any web presence I had!

Here is my first blog on my newly installed wordpress installation. Now I am not hoping to a major contributor to this internet blogosphere, but at least I have a place where I can just record my thoughts.

Who knows if I every find myself having more time i might even write something interesting.