About Me

I’m Gareth Davies. I live in London, England with my wife and 2 cats. I’ve been interested in computers since I can remember and worked my way through college gaining a degree in Software Engineering from Bath University using Java and teaching myself PHP. I later went to University of Gloucestershire to gain a degree in E-Commerce and Multimedia which include more Java, PHP and .NET, plus I had some exposure to 3D Studio MAX for modelling.

I consider myself to have a pretty solid background in software development but my time nowadays is spent focusing on development management. I don’t think I will ever move away from technology as I still love getting it too much however more recently I’m managing a development team.

Why do I blog?

I wouldn’t really class myself as a blogger as I don’t post all that often, however I like the idea to keep track of what I find interesting and want to share. After several failed attempts in the past I have finally managed to keep this blog alive for a decent period and I will be interested in looking back over some old posts in the future to see how things (me included) have changed.

How do you contact me?

There are several ways, using my email address gaz@new.pu43x.co.uk or through my LinkedIn profile.

I know IT