MIcrosoft Surface RT and SkyDrive

So having been using the Surface RT for just over a week now and I am very impressed with it. I had previously tried Windows 8 on my laptop and it just didn’t feel right. It may have been because it was such a huge change that it will take me a while to get used to, but on the Surface it feel much more natural, and actually helps me with using the version now installed on my main laptop.

I even see my ditching the laptop and working solely on the Surface, if I can get my work mail and network connectivity sorted, I may need the Surface Pro for this but I am still seeing if I can hook up my Surface RT to the work network.

One major issue I predict with the Surface RT though is the limited functionality when it is not connected to the internet, more so around the integration with SkyDrive. The “metro” SkyDrive application is only a viewer of your online SkyDrive documents so you have no way of working offline. This is a huge disappointment as I would love to work with document whilst on I’m on flights over the Atlantic, the small form factor of the Surface coupling with Office is perfect for this!

Talking about Office, I am so happy that there is now a tablet device which provide the capability to create content, rather than used consume. The Surface RT I have already has Office 2013 Preview installed and it works really well, fingers crossed they allow SkyDrive Pro to be available that may allow me to work offline!