SkyDrive Versions (Desktop, Metro and Pro)

Having used Windows 8 for over a week now I am start to get familiar with how SkyDrive should be used, it actually comes in 3 flavours. There are detailed below:
1. SkyDrive Standard or Desktop Mode
This is likely to be the SkyDrive everybody is familiar with, it installs like any other application and runs in the task bar. It will download your SkyDrive folders to a designated folder on your hard drive and ensure they are kept in sync with your cloud storage.

2. SkyDrive Pro
This version of SkyDrive is geared towards replacing SharePoint workspace to enable companies that have SharePoint installation the ability for employees to sync document libraries to a users pc for offline management.

3. SkyDrive Metro App
Now this is where it gets a little confusing. After installing Windows 8 and noticing that SkyDrive is installed by default, you would assume it was baked into the operating system, however this is not the case.
The SkyDrive Metro App is in fact simply a viewer for your online storage location and does not sync any of the files to your PC for managing offline.

Now the major problem I am facing is the ability to manage my SkyDrive document offline on the Surface RT. I am assuming I am unable to install the SkyDrive Standard/Desktop version of the software to synchronise to a local folder, and without a native 3G connection on the device I am unable to manage documents through the SkyDrive Metro App.

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