K2 ServiceObject with File Property

Some code snippets to help

FileProperty fpropData = new FileProperty("FileData", new MetaData(), String.Empty, String.Empty);
fpropData.MetaData.DisplayName = "File Data";
fpropData.MetaData.Description = "File Data";
public static object ToFilePropertyValue(string propName, string filename, byte[] content)
  return (new FileProperty(propName, new MetaData(), filename, Convert.ToBase64String(content))).Value;
dr["File"] = Helper.ToFilePropertyValue("File", "foobar.dat", {foobar byte[]});

Backup a MySQL Database Through SSH

1. Connect through SSH
2. Navigate to an accessible folder through FTP (eg “cd /var/www/vhosts/[sitename])
3. Run the command “mysqldump –host localhost –user [username] –password [databasename] > [filename].sql
4. Enter password when prompted
5. View file in FTP viewer in folder and download