WooCommerce Gift Cards – Plugin Template


So to get things started I have created a new plugin template which to start with doesn’t include much except the base files and information needed for WordPress to identify it as a plug in.

In the “wp-content/plugins” folder I create a new folder called “pux-woocommerce-gift-cards”. The naming convention I am going to follow is “[uniqueID]-[system]-[pluginname]”.

  • [uniqueID] is something specific to me (hopefully) and will be used to prefix all of my files, folders, functions and variables. This ensures a greater chance that it will not clash with other plugins.
  • [system] will simply be a reference to the plugin I am extended. I will expect this to be optional as we could in theory create a plugin for wordpress itself, but as this plugin will extend the WooCommerce plugin it may be useful to make some identifying link.
  • [pluginname] is simply a name for my plugin. In this case it will be “giftcards”.

The first file to include in this folder will be one named “pux-woocommerce-giftcards.php”. Within this file we will need to include the following at the top of the file.

Plugin Name: WooCommerce Gift Cards
Plugin URI: http://new.pu43x.co.uk/
Description: Extends WooCommerce to allow customer to purchase gift cards that can be used to purchase product in part or full payment.
Version: 0.0.1
Author: Gareth Davies
Author URI: http://new.pu43x.co.uk
License: GPL2


Once this file is saved it will become visible in the Plugins page in the WordPress admin screens and be available for activation.


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