Wire framing design

A quick post about Wireframing. Below is a link which details various tools to do such a thing.


My personal favourite thought is from Balsamiq which I purchased a licence for and use extensively for work.

WebCam Recordings

I have been toying with the idea for a while about taking an image of something every 5 or so minutes over a long period of time and creating a time-lapse movie. However nothing really came to mind.

Then I thought why not create a time-lapse movie of the block of flats being built across from my house. Yes, it may be a little boring but its either that or my back garden or clouds in the sky. Plus I can see how our current lovely view slowly disappears behind a 3 story building.

So I have a WebCam, currently a Logitec Pro 4000 or something, and a freeware piece of software called Dorgem. I have setup Dorgem to take an image every minute and store a copy on my computer and another every 5 minutes and store it on my FTP server.

Hopefully once the flat is complete I can put a time-lapse movie together which shows the building of the flats in a shorter space of time.

I have setup a dedicated page on here to show the latest image from the WebCam, plus any history or movies I create. So go check it out of you are at all interested!