WordPress as a CMS for Natasha Buchanan MUA

So I have just finished migrating Natasha Buchanan’s Website completely over to WordPress, and I’m happy to say it was a breeze and the results are brilliant.

It was original built using .NET and hosted on a separate Windows Server with a MS SQL 2008 server supporting the database requirements, which was costing a fair few pounds each year.

I have been looking at various CMS solutions recently to find which is the easiest to stand up a complete site within, and are not to complicated to use and update. I looked at the main leaders such as Drupal and Joomla but to be honest they were overly complicated.

I took a look at WordPress and got the results I needed in half the time (or even less) it would have taken to do in Joomla or Drupal. Yes the other two are far more powerful but if you are simply looking to stand up a basic site with a few pages then WordPress is the way to go.