Tidy Up Windows Files and Folder

So I noticed my harddrive is getting pretty full and I wanted to move some of the larger files off to a usb harddrive.

First though, I need to figure out which files are taking up the most space and where abouts they are on my harddrive.

There is a really cool application call WinDirStat which scans your harddrive and calculates the sizes for all the folders and identifies where the largest files are.

If you need a similar tool take a look. Link below.


Hope it helps.

No Blog Updates for some time… There is a reason.

There has been no updates on this for some time, but there are many good reasons why.

In the time of my last blog, Tash and I have moved home, and that not only takes up alot of our time, but induces lots of stress. So the blog seemed to take a back seat.

Not only that but I have always been wondering how I can best use this blogging software. What I do not want to do is be like write lots of content and tutorials for people. There are way to many out there, and most of them do a far better job than I ever would.

How I see myself using this blog is really to just write down my day to day findings. There is so much stuff I find out everybody which I just cant retain in my head, so I think the best way for me to document this would be here.

This “knowledge capturing” blog could be anything from the Lillie Beatles I have found on the littlies in my back garden and how to rid the Lillies of them to how I can implement a custom Members/Role/Profile provider in .NET.

So without further a do, I will start to blog more frequantly now just to simply my day-to-day findings.

Recently work actually involved publishing of my girlfriends website. You can check it out at www.natashabuchanan.co.uk. There may be more to come on this shortly.